Mac laptop screen fades white

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Jul 15, 22 0 7. I've had a bit of a wild ride with my poor late Macbook Unibody. Several months ago, I popped it open to fix the trackpad, which somehow killed the logic board. Just today I recieved a new logic board and installed it, and it finally has power!

Unfortunately, there's a new problem. It's stuck on the white screen and I can't get it to boot anything.

How to Fix It When MacBook Screen Goes Black

Safe mode, hardware test, and resetting the PRAM were all useless; it just stayed white. The only odd thing I've noticed is that I distinctly remember the optical drive making noise at startup, but now it's silent. I think the issue with Mac laptops is that Apple expects the computers to be replaced before the keys wear out. Of course, there are other expensive components that may fail, as well. SuperDrives are among the most fallible — no doubt because they have extremely delicate mechanisms that are exposed to the elements, where equally delicate components in a hard drive are not.

How to Fix Unresponsive Black Screen

The best way to preserve your laptop keyboard is to use an external keyboard and mouse whenever possible. But not letting the grime sit on your keys indefinitely seems to me to be the best way to reduce the corrosive effects of oils and acids. I bought it in a use computer shop 15 years ago and have been typing away on it daily ever since. It has very little wear.

Solving a Washed-Out Display Problem - TidBITS

Either I have noncorrosive fingertips or else they used better ink back in when they made it. Some keyboard keys use a process called dye diffusion to mark the letters on. Those tend to be very durable, and is probably the method used for that IBM keyboard.

MacBook white screen of death? | Tom's Guide Forum

Dye diffusion, huh? It must be a more expensive process.

Macbook Pro Video problem - screen fade. HELP!! Any Ideas?

I searched and found a place that sells replacement key caps for the model M. Plus I have another one in a box in the garage. I tried to love the stock iMac keyboard but after a year I gave up. The model M works so much better but is kind of big though. And noisy. The Apple keyboards, including an ancient pre-Intel Powerbook that I leave on a workbench in my garage, still have keys in perfect condition.

The Logitech keyboards usually fade on heavily used keys within a year or two. The latest Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K for Mac that I ordered on May 22, started to lose its lettering immediately and now, after three months, seven keys are almost unreadable. Trim as needed and peel off the back.

Press firmly and they seem to last longer than any of the manufactured press on keys. When they do wear out they pull up fairly easily using the tip of an Xacto knife. Scan the PC for malware and check if that solves the problem.

My display is slowly fading to white. Why?

To check if your laptop is the problem, connect it to an external display and check if the issue reappears. If your graphics card is faulty, the white screen should appear on the external screen as well.

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If not, it means that the problem is caused by your laptop display. Once you remove the battery, make sure that your laptop is disconnected from the power cord.

Computer screen turns white on startup, how to fix it?

Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or so. After doing that, insert the battery again, turn on your laptop and check if the problem still persists. Even if the problem appears as soon as Windows starts, the issue can be your graphics card, so you might want to consider replacement. Since new graphics card is costly, consider replacement only after trying all other solutions. Sometimes you can fix this problem simply by using System Restore feature.

This is a useful feature that can easily restore your PC to an earlier state and fix many problems. To use System Restore, just follow these steps:. Once your PC is restored to a previous state, the problem should be resolved. Several users reported that this solution worked for them, so feel free to try it out. Need more info on how to create a System Restore Point? Read this guide to learn more.

Sometimes your computer screen can go white due to malware infection. Malware can also modify your registry and cause this problem to appear.