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They also offer a number of bundles optimized for different seasons. For photographers who do a lot of fashion and lifestyle photography, the preset pack is a must-have. It includes 17 presets with a number of styles and effects that will instantly help your photos reach their full potential. If you love the look of celluloid cameras then these presets will be a huge asset.

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There are five different preset bundles available. Lovely Baby. These presets soften, brighten and enhance the color of your photos, giving you a number of different options to help you capture just the right look. Enhance your family photos and memories with the 30 amazing Lightroom presets. With lots of styles and effects your family portraits will instantly look more professional. As the name implies, this pack is optimized for forest and beach locations. It includes 12 different presets to help you find just the right look for your photos. Portrait Pack 14 Professional Lightroom Presets.

Uniquely capture the look of your subjects with these amazing Lightroom presets. Designed specifically for portrait photography, these presets help you enhance lighting and center focus on the subject.

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HDR Lightroom Presets. Enhance and improve your HDR photos with 20 presets that are fully adjustable. In an effort to make editing easier for photographers, Prolost has released hundreds of different presets to enhance the look of your photos.

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Prolost has beautiful presets for virtually every type of photography. Black and white photos are always in style. For many years people have asked commercial photographer Nathan Elson how he edits his photos. So, in response, Elson has created his own set of Lightroom presets that will help give your photos the same look and feel as his. He has four black and white looks and one color preset available. Moody Tones. If you want a completely different look and feel to your photos try these unique Lightroom presets.

Instantly stylize your photos with rich colors and bright tones with the Moody Tones preset pack. Retrochrome Lightroom Presets. Retrochrome Lightroom Presets were designed with portrait and family photography in mind.

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  6. The pack includes 7 base presets, as well as 10 variations to help you achieve your desired look. Instant Hipster Lightroom Presets. Bring out your inner hipster with this unique set of Lightroom presets. This pack includes 40 different presets that will help you instantly adjust the color, tone and contrast of your photos. Wedding Lightroom Presets Vol. These wedding photography presets feature 22 different professional presets to help your wedding photos stand out. Taking the perfect wedding photo has never been easier.

    Perfect Skin Presets. If you have trouble getting the skin tones in your photos looking the way you want these presets can help. Perfect Skin Presets instantly enhance the oranges, browns, and tans of skin color to help you achieve your desired look. Interior Lightroom Presets. Instantly enhance your interior photography with this preset pack. Sunny Landscape Lightroom Presets. Help bring your outdoor photography to life with these amazing presets. Sunny Landscape Lightroom Presets will help you instantly enhance the color and vibrancy of landscape photos. BeArt Presets - Free. BeArt is another large supplier of presets.

    In addition to their 26 free lightroom presets, BeArt offers a variety of different themed packs, including Wedding , Food , and Pastel. Magazine Profiles. This preset pack will instantly have your photos looking they belong in a magazine. Street Photography Lightroom Presets. These 13 professional Lightroom presets will help you quickly and easily enhance your urban photography. Cyberpunk Lightroom Presets. These Lightroom presets were designed specifically for sci-fi fans. Then this is the preset pack is for you. These 10 presets will help you instantly give your photos a cyberpunk feel.

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    What Are Lightroom Presets? Sleeklens Sleeklens has over a thousand amazing presets for you to choose from. Premium Presets by Lumosmax Lumosmax make Lightroom Presets that are dedicated to every photography genre. Sandman Cinematic Presets. If you love adding color effects this bundle of 20 Lightroom presets is an excellent choice.

    Sandman Cinematic Presets are perfect for travel and portrait photos, as well as a host of other applications.

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    Foodkit Food photography is rapidly growing in popularity. Auto Exposure This pack includes 15 presets that automatically adjust the exposure of your photos to improve brightness and contrast, as well as giving you the highest-quality blacks possible. Jeff Isy Created by professional photographer Jeff Isy, these presets are sure to give your photos some extra pop. Fashion Lightroom Presets As the title suggests, these presets were designed with fashion photographers in mind.

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    Blue Lightroom Presets Blue is a film stock inspired Lightroom preset collection. Love Story Lightroom Presets Couples love to show off their love.

    Make your photos POP with ONE CLICK using LIGHTROOM PRESETS!

    Coated Matte Lightroom Presets Sometimes a matte finish is just the touch a photo needs to stand out. Pastel Colors These presets are ideal for baby and wedding photography. Orange and Teal For those seeking a chic faded look for their photos the Orange and Teal presets are an excellent choice.