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A serigraph of the Macintosh logo, designed and signed by world famous artist Andy Warhol can be yours for a pittance.

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You can call, submit absentee bids, or show up May 6 at the Portland, Oregon gallery. No indication whether you can text your bid in or not. It measures inches square, and is a colorful, flowing rendition of the famous multi-color, striped apple. The first Apple logo design was made by company co-founder, Ron Wayne. It was thought to be too elaborate, however, and was replaced by the chomped-on, rainbow-colored apple designed by Rob Janoff.

The clever allusion to the computer byte has been the mainstay of the Apple logo ever since. He lived only 58 years, passing away in The piece up for grabs today is a silk screen.

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Serigraphy is a color stencil printmaking process where special paint is forced through a fine usually silk screen onto the paper or other media below. Modern artists popularized silk screening as part of the Federal Art Project. The art form reached a new level of sophistication brought about by the Pop Art generation of the s which included Andy Warhol and others.

They experimented with colors and textures not available in other mediums. The word serigraph and silkscreen are often used interchangeably, but fine artists prefer serigraph to identify their work.

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  5. With textured surfaces, brushes, and tools, you can mimic painting and drawing with chalk, pastels, watercolors, oils, and many other materials. Tools like stamps and pattern pens help speed up the creative process, while realistic features like watercolor bleed and absorption help ensure a gorgeous end result. Oil and other thick paints are particularly impressive, with the ability to layer, scrape, and mix as if you had a real palette in front of you.

    While its strong suit is its artistic toolset, Painter also offers features for photo enhancement, graphics creation, animation, and text design. Available on Windows and MacOS, Corel offers a day free trial of Painter if you want to ensure it's right for you, along with a cut-down, low-cost Essentials version to get you started. If your artistic focus leans more towards comics and manga art rather than whimsical watercolors, take a close look at Clip Studio Paint. Developed in Japan and available in two versions — Paint and Ex, the former has all the features you'll need for creating individual static images, while the Ex version adds proper animation support, conversion of 3D models into line art, and multi-page projects.

    Tools like vector-based word balloons with customizable tails make comic and manga creation easier, with advanced pressure detection ensuring more natural, realistic pen strokes when combined with a tablet and stylus.

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    That's the best way to use the software, although it's not absolutely essential. Used by over four million creators on MacOS, Windows, and iPad, Clip Studio includes access to a vast library of freely-downloadable content, including brushes, 3D models, and more. Proudly free and open-source, Krita's decade-long development has been made possible thanks to fundraising drives from its loyal community of graphic artists. Along the way, the app has developed into a viable alternative to industry heavy-hitters like Photoshop and Painter, especially for those who don't have hundreds of dollars to fork over for creative design tools.

    Full of powerful features like brush stabilization to help smooth out shaky lines, full-color management tools, and nine different engines for creating truly unique brushes, it's equally useful for illustrators and concept artists alike. Krita has wide platform support, both in terms of what it will run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux , and its ability to import and export from other tools, including layered PSD files. While Krita Desktop is and always will be free, developers make paid versions available on various platforms so that users can easily support ongoing development.

    There's also a specific version, Krita Gemini, developed for Windows tablets and convertibles. Based on the award-winning desktop version of the app, Affinity Designer for iPad is a fully-featured mobile drawing tool with several features that set it apart from the competition. Far from being the cut-down version of a product that we often see on tablets, the app can support thousands of layers and over one million-percent zoom. There's a useful range of typography and vector creation tools, and switching between raster and vector modes is straightforward and seamless.

    Significant thought has been put into the mobile interface, taking full advantage of pinch-to-zoom, multi-touch, and other iPad features to speed up regular tasks. Well-priced for such a useful product, if you're a graphic artist who regularly or exclusively creates on an iPad, it's worth taking a good hard look at Affinity Designer. Unlike the other apps mentioned here, PhotoDonut's focus is on turning photos and other images into gorgeous artworks rather than creating new designs from scratch—and at that, it excels. With a couple of clicks, you can transform an image into a pencil or ink line drawing, watercolor, oil painting, and many other options, and then tweak it to your heart's content.

    The app's StyleShop is full of textures, filters, and brushes for adding extra variety to your creations, some available at no cost and others at little cost. The free version of the app does enough for most users, but if you find yourself regularly paying for premium content in the StyleShop, it may be worth taking out a monthly or annual Premium subscription instead. There's also a Pro subscription, which adds advanced features like batch processing, creating and saving your own styles, and freehand drawing.

    Regardless of which version you're using, several detailed tutorials are available on the website to get you started. Long popular with digital illustrators and painters, ArtRage's main focus is on creating with "real media" painting tools that both look and act like they do in the physical world.

    Watercolors wash away with water, oil paint can be layered and textured and felt pens blend into each other. The many brush types can be endlessly customized, and paint moved around and altered with a highly-flexible palette knife.

    The end result? Incredibly realistic-looking artwork that doesn't take forever to create. The full version of ArtRage is reasonably priced, with a day money back guarantee, and a single license covering both MacOS and Windows.

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    There's also a cheaper Lite version available with a smaller selection of tools, along with iOS and Android apps for a few dollars. With extensive tutorials and a supportive community, making the most of the app isn't difficult. If you'd like to create traditional-looking artwork in digital form, ArtRage is the perfect place to start. Autodesk's Sketchbook is a powerful creation tool with around textured brushes, multiple blending and perspective options, and drawing assistance functions like Predictive Stroke. Easy to learn and use, its biggest strength is its seamless workflow, whether that's bringing physical designs into the digital world, working across devices, or sharing your creation with others.

    Got a printed design someone handed you, or had a flash of inspiration while drawing in the park? Sketchbook lets you use the camera on your phone or tablet to scan in any line art, ready to work on with a transparent background. Sketchbook once required payment to unlock all of its Pro features but was became fully free in There's also a paid Enterprise version, focused on the needs of larger organizations. Our writers spent 10 hours researching the most popular apps for graphic artists.

    Before making their final recommendations, they considered 18 different apps, screened options from 16 different developers, and read over 30 user reviews both positive and negative. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. Share Pin Email. Updated February 28, Buy on Medibangpaint. Free to download. Lightweight and easy to use. Can sync work between all devices. What We Don't Like Displays ads when you first launch the app. Must sign up for an account to access all features. Buy on Amazon Buy on Painterartist. What We Like Many creative effects options to choose from.

    Plugins are available to extend features.

    Only What You Need.

    Fresh, modern user interface. Professional features you'd expect in an app like Photoshop.

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    What We Don't Like Only works with 8-bit images. Less intuitive to use than other paint apps.

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    Thick paint categories can cause brush lag. Buy on Amazon.