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If IBM Trusteer Rapport identifies pieces of software on your computer as one of those types of financial malware, the software will remove or deactivate it and provide a user alert. When you sign in to your online banking service from a computer actively running IBM Trusteer Rapport, the software helps verify that you are connected to Capital City Bank rather than a fraudulent website. The software is specially configured and is ready to use with our online banking service.

Remember to install the software on each computer used to access Capital City Bank online banking service to ensure that you are protected at all times. When you download IBM Trusteer Rapport, you will never be asked to provide any of your personal details. If the icon is grey, Rapport is not safe-guarding your information. Thanks nancy. See if this helps. The original installation.

If not, look for the program in Applications. If you find the icon in Applications, simply drag it to the trash. Good luck. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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I did not try this as of yet because I read that Apple had a problem with Safari crashing and they fixed it. My Safari works fine now. It works with the security software you already have to make online banking safer. It also works with other banks and companies.

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Visit IBM Trusteer for more information. The program you use to look at websites is called a web browser.

Legacy versions of Keka

Modern browsers warn you if you visit fake websites and it is harder for viruses to infect them. If you have updated your computer regularly, it is likely that you are already running either Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 on Windows PCs or Safari 5 on Macs. It is a good idea that you install an up-to-date web browser.

There are several to choose from and they are all free. The criminals who create viruses take advantage of software bugs to infect computers.

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Software companies fix bugs with free downloadable updates. It is a good idea that you install updates for your software as soon as they become available. Be wary of fake emails about bogus updates. Use the update software that comes with your computer - don't click on links in emails. As well as your computer software, other programs need updating. This includes your web browser and the applications you use.

Most modern software will check for updates automatically. You may want to install them as they become available. Secunia has a free online service that will check most common programs to see if there is an update available. What's your mother's maiden name? What's the name of the first school you went to?

What was your favourite subject at school? What's your address?

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Phone number? All this information is useful to people who want to steal your identity or break into your online banking. You wouldn't give this information away to a stranger in the street but if you use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, you could be over-sharing personal data. You may want to think carefully about the information you put into your profiles on sites like this. It is also a good idea that you check the privacy settings on each site that you use to make sure you only share personal information with people you trust.

Please also remember that you must take all reasonable precautions to keep your details safe and prevent any unauthorised use of any cards and security details. If any information forms part of your security details, you should therefore make sure that you do not disclose it to anyone else — see terms and conditions that apply to your account s for more detail.

Cyber-criminals can set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots that appear to be legitimate. Once you have logged on to the Wi-Fi, your activity can be tracked by the cyber-criminal. Public computers often do not have adequate protection installed to prevent malware, key loggers and other malicious software that may record your log on details including your password.

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Avoid saving your personal information such as usernames or account details as it could be accessed by others in subsequent visits. Fraudsters use personal information from different sources to steal people's identities. Viruses are one way to do it. But they also use paper documents of your accounts containing personal details, such as receipts and bank statements. Fraudsters use many methods such as searching in dustbins to obtain these documents.

You should take simple precautions to keep your details safe and to dispose of these documents safely, such as shredding them before you bin them. Criminals are in it for the money.