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In my case, it is Enter this IP address into the browser address bar. You'll be asked for a username and password.

Choosing a Disk

This is typically pretty generic, such as admin as the username and password as the password. This differs by brand, but can be easily found with a quick Google search. Ensure USB access and the file sharing server are enabled. Once the USB drive is connected and sharing is enabled, you're ready to access the drive from your Mac.

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A small pop-up window will appear. Paste the server address into the field. This can usually be found on the same page as the USB settings in your router's admin panel.

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Click the plus sign to the right of the address field to add the server to your favorites, and click Connect. This will open the Network folder where you should able to view the shared drive and all its files. To create a shortcut to this shared drive, open the networked folder.

Available Mac File Systems Explained

Click View in the menu bar and select Show Path Bar. You should see the name of the shared drive in the path bar at the bottom of the window.

Get the best of both worlds by sharing your data on MacOS and Windows

Just plug that drive into your Mac, copy files to it, and use it as a neutral, shared storage location. You could also skip the local storage and use cloud storage instead. For example, if you have some documents you need to work on in both operating systems, dump them in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or another cloud storage service.

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Install the appropriate sync utility on each operating system and these documents will be kept in sync between your two operating systems via the Internet. Image Credit: Jonathan Lin on Flickr.

How to set up a networked hard drive with a Mac

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. The easiest way to share your Mac's external drive with your PC is to use the donationware application SharePoints.

How To Share External Drive on Home Network MAC

Be sure to review the following FAQs on their Web site:. Two methods of sharing an external drive between a Mac and a PC are discussed: Physically sharing an external drive.

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Sharing an external drive over a network. Physically sharing an external drive You would use this approach if you planned to use your external drive individually with a Mac or a PC, i. When you copy or save a file from a Mac to a Windows shared volume or Windows-formatted disk, the Mac creates two files: the data fork xxx , and the resource fork.