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In general terms, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be considered as the pinnacle of the Creative Suites , not only because of the functions included by default but also by the multiple tools that can be added later for free with additional plugins. Use the high number of functions at your disposal.

Once we install the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 on our computer, it will seem no different to previous versions. The layout is basically the same as CS4, just more organized, so you will have to start working with it to notice the changes. The mask tool, for example, is now more precise when you need to select complex contours.

Also after CS2's success, HDR tools were enhanced for easy retouching and to make images more realistic with a better chromatic touch and no ghost halo. Adobe is creating, step-by-step, a very interesting Suite where all its programs will work together and complement each other in the creation and design process. The range of tools is focused on professional users. Puppet Warp , for example, will let you manipulate picture cells quite easily when creating great publicity images. This is quite an interesting tool, able to delete objects and fill the empty space with a matching background effect.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is not the most revolutionary version ever seen, but it seems like a very acceptable product overall. Adobe is creating step-by-step,very interesting Suite where all its programs will work together and complement each other in the creation and design process. The competition amongst the top 5 image editors is quite fierce with the newest Coreldraw and Gimp versions now on the market and the new Lightroom coming soon. It would seem that even the most famous picture editors have no reserved seats. Manage the color saturation of your pictures. Content Aware Fill.

This massive tool presents a whole new world of possibilities the first time you have your hands on it. Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want. The grateful surprise comes when you start working with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and discover that, with this new tool, you will save a lot of time in erasing or modifying elements without leaving overly noticeable traces on the original picture. Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows the users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want.

It comes very handy for simple replacements, but where it really stands out is helping the user with deep modifications. Refining an image for making it perfect in each sense of the word may take too much time.

For this reason, the inclusion of the Refine Edge is important, since it makes possible to fix fuzzy edges much more quickly than before. In addition, thanks to the Smart Radius function you can make an automatic selection much more accurately than with manual tools; perfect for irregular silhouettes with detailed borders. In this same section there has been an additional tool included that allows an advanced method for modifying photos: Puppet Warp. This new function makes easier to reshape and overlap different parts of the figure.

Although it provides interesting possibilities, it is very difficult to use for professional photography if the user wants to create realistic human figures, but if you want to apply distortion on purpose or only move a limb, this tool is very suitable. Modify each part of the figure individually with Puppet Warp. Camera Raw 6. Specially designed for professional and amateur photographers, Camera Raw 6 acts as a plug-in that allows the user to import pictures from a digital camera directly. This software allows, in addition to better file management, for retouching the original pictures with better noise reduction, amongst other effects.

Camera Raw 6 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 supports more than digital camera models with different technologies. Among the advantages of using Camera Raw 6, instead of other kind of additional software, is that the camera profiles are automatically incorporated in the plugin. Thanks to this, once you have loaded the profile of your digital camera, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can correct some of the usual issues with these kinds of cameras.

For example, using Lens Correction you will fix image distortion from the lens that has been used, providing an image much more realistic than the original, without losing quality in the process. Using this feature you can make the most of your own photography equipment by combining it with the possibilities granted by this software. Correct your own pictures taken with your camera thanks to Lens Correction.

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Management and Performance. This Photoshop CS5 takes a step further towards the total integration how you manage your personal photo albums with the addition of CS Live directly from the application. Thanks to this feature, you can manage your local pictures and upload them to your personal online space as well as accessing to free tutorials from Adobe experts and utilize a forum where the Photoshop community gathers for offering advice and solving problems.

Adobe has put some effort in giving this version more stable and reliable software.

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The Mini Bridge included in this CS5 version allows the user to manually manage your folders and pictures that are in your own computer. This way you can access all your pictures directly from the application without having to exit the program to your local folder explorer. Puppet warp is another rad feature. It allows you to set anchor points in a picture and then bend it without cutting and pasting and patching the image. Check out this quick video:. Here is a link that explains all of the new features with the help of video tutorials. And, of course, don't forget the manufacturer's web page, Adobe.

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I agree to the Terms of Service. Add me to the weekly newsletter. Add me to the daily newsletter. Create Account. Toggle navigation. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Articles. Images Photoplasty Pictofacts. Just The Facts Every image you see online has been photoshopped at least a little, except from the images on Cracked.

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Photoshop has a tool to make boobs bigger. Approximately 19 people have actually paid for Photoshop. Photoshop is celebrating its 20th anniversary in In , Reuters was fooled by their own photographer, who added more smoke using the clone tool, infra and made the smoke blacker using the Time Magazine Tool: The FBI and Photoshop: The FBI released this photo the center photo of what Bin Laden might look like with gray hair, now that America has blown up everything around him: The first photo is what bin Laden looked like a long time ago.

Clone tool: The clone tool is great if you are only 17 and can't get steroids, but still want yourself to look as buff as a gay model on your movie poster. Liquefy: Ahh liquefy filter Here some examples of what you can do click on the photos for links to the respective pages : 40 Mindblowing Photo Manipulations: Advanced Photoshop : Fantasy and Surreal Photo Manipulations: Photoshop Tools and Tips So you've mastered the basics and now you are ready to create some fake nudes of your own or you want to make yourself into a centaur or something.

Here's where you get them for free: DeviantArt - great resource for stock photos and brushes. Here's an image from the Office Supplies too Awesome to Exist contest: Don't have any skill or imagination or senses of humor, but you do have an image manipulation tool? What's New in CS5? Check it out: Puppet warp is another rad feature.

The Mac demo downloads work in All plugins are Adobe CS5 and higher incl.

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CC compatible and bit native. Below are Digital Anarchy's free Mac demos available for you to try. Some users moving up from older Macs running As with the last several major Mac system upgrades, macOS Step 1. Download the Master Collection CS6 and install it as a trial. Step 2. Download the amtlib. Photoshop CC I tested the activation method via VMware on a Windows computer running Windows 8. I updated it to the latest release after crack.

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