Autocad for mac user reviews

And if you want to focus more on a specific discipline, AutoDesk offers additional complimentary programs that focus more on engineering, architecture and construction.

Now Even Better: AutoCAD for the Mac - Digital Engineering 24/7

When you first open AutoCAD, a page will pop up to walk you through the interface and teach you how to use the various layers and command functions. You will have access to a beginner handbook, intermediate guide and advanced skills document to help you learn and improve from your skill level. Very few CAD programs offer such helpful and beginner-friendly guides in their software.

AutoCAD also includes a library of materials, to give your work a more completed look.

These materials include brick, wood and various colors. Additionally, this software lets you adjust the lighting of your projects and apply photorealistic rendering to better illustrate your designs. AutoCAD can be viewed and edited on computers, tablets and smartphones, which makes it easier to share your work with your customers, coworkers and bosses.

Like other CAD programs, this one works in layers, allowing you to keep track of your various elements and change them when needed without disturbing the entire design. You can easily add and edit text both in 2D and 3D format. Using this software, you will be able to create 2D images like maps, exploded-views with annotations, and blueprints.

You will also be able to use the 3D modeling tools to create building models, mechanical components and more. You can even convert 2D images to 3D, and vice versa, to help you save time on your projects.

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Note that while this software can help you create some basic 3D models, its power really lies in 2D image creation, which makes it ideal for blueprints and architectural designs. The command line can be toggled on and off to give you more space when not in use, and it responds to a variety of commands so you can work more efficiently. You can also set up macros in this program to speed up frequently used tools and processes. This means you can edit and adjust designs initially created in other programs and that you can 3D print your designs. In addition, this free DWG viewer boasts powerful search options to find the elements that match your specifications.

All the values can be exported as spread sheets. Available for free to hobbyists and startups earning under a certain threshold, plus limited educational licenses for students and educators, means Fusion is possibly the most accessible, yet advanced modeling software available to learn the field.

A diverse array of modeling and simulation analysis tools, plus printing to scale, measuring tools, and construction and modification of points, lines, different geometries, texts, hatches, fills and raster images amongst others make QCAD a robust option for CAD work on the cheap. The professional version is available as a trial, but to run the application for free, simply remove the QCAD Professional add-on from the trial. Autodesk also developed the Design Web Format to facilitate distribution and communication of AutoCAD data in large engineering and design projects that seek to restrict access to intellectual property.

Therefore, publishers can selectively export components of the file can limit that the recipient will be able to see. Our table above can tell which of these free DWG viewers have a feature set that makes them suitable for professional applications since they even let you measure components and leave comments. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the Privacy Policy.

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Subscribe to updates from All3DP. Search: Skip. DWF Autodesk also developed the Design Web Format to facilitate distribution and communication of AutoCAD data in large engineering and design projects that seek to restrict access to intellectual property. Subscribe Subscribe to updates from All3DP. Subscribed You are subscribed to updates from All3DP. Recommended for you. It is apparent with their new pricing structure that they intend to move people to subscription and generate new customers. If you plan to buy Autocad and stay off subscription so that you can skip releases then you will paying the same price as buying Autocad when you upgrade.

Basically, due to the amount of man-hours and money we have wasted dealing with Microsoft problems. Steve, I think your perspective is clouded by your assumption that the motivation for a Mac port is driven by the needs of end users. A garbage Mac version of AutoCAD might be perfectly suitable for fulfilling a business need from a marketing perspective to stave off potential losses to native Mac versions of AutoCAD clones.

I suppose the expense is immaterial if the perceived threat is large enough.

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As a long time Mac user, and Autodesk customer, I was sad when development of appliations for the Mac ceased, and have always wished especially since the advent of OS X that Autodesk would come back to the Mac. But many of the comments in the post are likely correct… and irrelevant! Perhaps Autodesk should be spending hard-won treasure on making their products run in these virtual environs more effectively.

Autodesk has baked in so many Windows hooks that they could never recreate it on the Mac and achieve parity. It would be bad for everyone. It is aimed not at encouraging potential customers but discouraging potential competitors. I started to use it less and less. If they really wanted it, it would have been here again for quite some time. That said, I would volunteer for beta-testing, as AutoCAD could use a new-generation makeover not purely cosmetic. Frankly, without 3D, scripting and programming and the potential of the verticals, they should better not do it.

I could live without the command line maybe if they revise their workflow. ArchiCAD works nice without command line yet still has good control over accuracy. Steve, your point is a lot less loony than mine and probably valid. A hugely successful port could have a lot of people scared and upset quite a few apple carts pun quite unintended but kinda funny nonetheless.

Worse, it would tell other developers that their Windows-only products could be ported over to OS X and performance would improve. Developers might see this as reason enough to make the costly investment. This could also have longer-reaching consequences for hardware companies like Dell and HP, who make a lot of their profit in upselling workstation class hardware to design firms. I think creating a mac version is a good thing. I doubt that there will that much performance boost.

It is all intel hardware.

Autodesk launches AutoCAD for Mac, iOS

Mental Ray rendering engine is already cross platform. I am not aware that there is that much difference between the maya versions. There are plenty of products that exist on both platforms and do not suffer from it. Namely Adobe products, Vectorworks, Maya, Archicad, etc. Sean, can you name a product comparable in complexity to AutoCAD that was developed on a Windows-only basis for over a decade and then ported successfully to OS X?

Why AutoCAD for Mac is a bad idea

Note: I really do not want to sound like I am Mac only. I actually consider myself platform agnostic.

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  4. We will use whatever gives our customers the best product and experience. We originally purchased a Mac due to a client that used Vectorworks.

    AutoCAD for Mac

    We slowly started using the Mac more and more for production. For all the reasons you heard that shall be left unnamed here we found OS X a better platform. Also, this question is somewhat of a trick question. Windows was useless as a platform until Windows 3. I can tell you that it has been done the opposite way, take Maya instance. Maya is far more complex. It was then successfully ported to the Linux, Windows and Mac. Lets get Autodesk Design Review for the Mac for a start. No, Freewheel is not a solution. On the other hand, Mac OS X could be provide a breath of fresh air for many users.

    NX 6 for the Mac has just been released. It would be another software, with another structure, responding to the same goals and processes for the user. Il all way its a mistake considering that a software can be adapted from one world to another. Just because the rules are different …. It has more to do with people not wanting change. People get comfortable and upsetting the current order will make their work difficult. Finding work is relatively easy if you have these skills.

    I personally would like to see companies other than Autodesk and Microsoft gain market share. It will insure that they will produce a better product and keep them in check. On the same token, we just purchased the Windows 7 upgrade at a fair price.