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Premiere Pro excels when it comes to audio editing too. With innovative sliders in the Essential Sound Panel , you can easily add effects like reverb, flangers, compression, amplification, and stereo balance. Plus, with native functionality with Adobe Audition, you can take your audio to professional levels.

Ultimately, Premiere Pro gives you the complete package you would need to create a professional video. Premiere Pro is my 1 choice in this category because of its powerful features and free trial offer. The interface uses a three-pane view with a trackless, Magnetic Timeline, which is excellent for using dual monitors. Clips can be imported and organized as Roles in the library, which can be assets like video, music, titles, voiceovers, effects, and more. Once video production completes, you can use their video effects, audio effects, title animation templates, and transitions.

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These transitions are effortless to implement with keyboard shortcuts, which can save with custom keyboard combos. Text editing is fun, too, with its 3D capabilities.

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There are different 3D templates, textures like plastic and concrete, and lighting effects that you can add from ay angle on the screen. Some other great features include multi-cam editing, unlimited video tracks, chroma-keying, lots of exporting options like 4k and videos, and super-fast performance, even on older MacBooks. For Mac users who care about power, advanced features, ease of use and speed, Final Cut Pro X is the 1 choice.

Based on versatility, Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best video editing tools for beginners. Premiere Elements has a ton of great features like hundreds of transition effects, enhanced face detection, haze removal, focus adjustment, and more. There is also live search functionality, an improved guided editing interface as well as video collage and touch-based editing.

Adobe Premiere Elements is not compatible with degree video and other innovative capabilities like multi-cam editing. All these are forgivable when you consider its vast range of capabilities. With quick mode, you can select your preferred media for your video, and the program arranges it for you on the timeline. It automates aspects of your video like automatic motion tracking, video stabilization excellent for GoPro , and smart toning. Guided mode is more assisted as the name suggests.

The software educates you on its features and functionalities, and you learn every component of the interface and how it works as you go. Finally, Expert mode is more for more experienced users, and you control everything yourself. If you are a Mac user, Apple iMovie is a classic free video editor to use. Recent updates include touch bar support and 4k video functionality. You can also process video clips at speeds as high as 60 frames per second.

You can easily import video clips, audio, and photos from iCloud. Plus, you can create slideshows and view your projects right on your Apple TV. However, if you need a simple, free tool to quickly add elements like titles and music to your videos on the go, Microsoft Movie Moments is a good pick. There are several options for your background music, including pre-composed themes with prominent names like Funky, Strolling, and Energetic.

You also have the option of importing your music. Our Essentials stock library is commercially-licensed, royalty-free and included free in business plans. Create anywhere. Make videos on any device, including Chromebook, Windows, Mac, and mobile.

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Edit on the go with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Make videos they'll remember. Easily create stunning movies with the best online video editor. Over 30 million users. Socialize your story Create once and instantly publish your edits to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels.

Perfect for:. What our customers are saying. Video is THE medium in today's evolving technology.

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With devices becoming more sophisticated, WeVideo is the perfect addition to help turn you into a pro! You don't have to install the program for long.

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  • And it shall be easy to use and update in the future process. You can get quick access to every basic video editing feature such as cut , crop , rotate, merge, etc. Advanced editing is a cake walk with a self-explanatory interface. You can stabilize shaky footage, add force subtitle, correct lens distortion, apply color correction effects, speed up footage, and more much faster, thus saving your time greatly.

    Easy video editing software will boast a seamless editing experience , from importing the 4K or HD media file, editing your story, to outputting your project, whether it is uploading on YouTube or saving on phone. The best video editing software shouldn't come at the sacrifice of quality and speed. Alongside the quick to learn UI, the program, especially when processing 4K and large-sized videos, should undergo at a relatively fast speed, without any freezing or lagging, yet the final edit shall be kept at the maximum level.

    The software below is listed based on the criteria mentioned above so that you can do any video edits as simple as possible. Just check it below. Overview: The easiest and fastest video editor so far that takes advantages of level-3 hardware acceleration without yielding quality loss.

    It features a well-designed interface that even the beginners and non-techie users can master all the video editing features in the shortest amount of time. Feature review: VideoProc is a powerful yet easy video processing software geared towards beginners for straightforward video editing. Every basic and important command is located on the main interface cleanly, so that you can cut, crop, put multiple clips together , rotate, add subtitles and more directly without a hassle.

    Best video editing software 12222: paid and free editors reviewed and rated

    The minimalistic interface makes it surprisingly easy to get even the advanced video editing jobs done with a minimum of efforts. You can resize large 4K videos, export to UHD content with the highest possible quality, record screen, download online videos, convert DVD discs, save them in various formats, and upload to YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc with ease. VideoProc features one-step setup. You can simply download the easy video editor on Windows or Mac from its official page.

    The download process is pretty fast and quick. You can follow the steps below to finish video processing quickly and easily. You can add more than one file and even a video folder at your disposal. For the widest compatibility, we recommend MP4 H. You can also switch to Device profile, where common, mobile, web and other profiles are listed. Basic editing: There are basic editing features including effect, watermark, cut, crop, rotate, subtitle showing on top of the main interface, where you can enable them to suit your specific needs.

    Advanced toolbox: Still you can initiate the advanced editing features at the bottom of the main interface. Such as remove disturbing noise, split a long video into multiple clips or by seconds, deshake and denoise GoPro footage, create gif , and more.

    #2 iMovie for Mac

    Step 4: Output the edited file: Click RUN button to begin output the file in a designed format, after which you can share your project on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or send it to your friends. Bonus: Stuttering, lagging, and losing the original quality are the last things most people want. Fortunately, VideoProc features unique level-3 hardware acceleration that promises the smoothest and fastest video processing, without compromising any video quality. Additionally, there are still many other famous video editing software that is classified as simple tools, along with the most essential editing features under the hood.

    Just check to jump to one of video editing programs you like below. Overview: The whole video editing workflow is simple, with easy to use templates, video rendering and exporting. Feature review: OpenShot is an open source and free video editing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Customers gives a lot of credit to the highly intuitive user interface that makes it feel extremely easy to trim, organize, animate, apply clips and music effects including 3D effects to video projects. It is the go-to editor especially when you want to create a video with an tense soundtrack.

    Similar to other open-source tool, OpenShot is a bit amateur in transition and can be buggy occasionally. For example, the free video editing software has a tendency to lag, freeze for few minutes and even crash at times. And some features may be malfunctioning. But you can get through the issues by taking advantages of the huge community of users. Featuring a dark grey material design, OpenShot allows you to access all the resources needed for video editing with ease. Step 1: Drag and drop to add a project file the way like VideoProc. Or you can right click on the Project Files tab to select the file.

    Step 3: Go to Editor Bar to access the features that are cleared marked with respective icons.

    Top 3 Best FREE Video Editing Software (2018-2019)

    Click on Transitions tab and drag and drop the effect to tracks timeline, where you can change the duration, extend effect box, etc. Click on the Effects tab if you want to apply chromatic and brightness effects. Step 4: If you've imported a music file in step 1, you can drag it onto the track on the timeline. Step 5: Choose one from the preset export options and then click on the Export Video icon at the top of the screen. Overview: A totally free yet easy video editor with very robust features such as video stabilization, picture-in-picture, etc, which you won't find in other freeware.

    Feature review: Despite VSDC features an old-fashioned interface, it won't throw any hurdle in creating and editing video projects thanks to the drag-n-drop, step-by-step wizard mode.